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Nelson gets a make over


The National Museum of the Royal Navy will be looking its best for the celebrations of 100 years of naval heritage within Portsmouth Dockyard. And figurehead historian Richard Hunter has been bringing the bust of Lord Nelson back to its former glory on HMS Trafalgar in Victory Arena. Richard and his colleague Philip Hudson attracted a lot of visitor attention ...

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J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race


Actress and TV presenter Denise Van Outen will fire the gun at 0600 on June 25 to send off a record breaking fleet for the 80th Round the Island Race. She will be joined by Michelle Luke, a Social Worker at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle, who won the draw for the ‘Buy a Mile’ charity fund raising promotion run ...

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Journey into space for piece of Mary Rose

Mary Rose parrel

A journey into space for a small piece of history from Henry VIII’s flagship the Mary Rose was delayed when the space shuttle Endeavour’s final flight was delayed. The shuttle was due to make a 14-day mission to the International Space Station last month with a three-inch wooden ball from the 16th century warship which sank off Portsmouth in 1545 ...

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Boating Holidays

Boating Holidays - Chaters

As winter wanes and days brighten, we start to think ahead to the upcoming year with a single, unanimous thought. It’s time to organise that holiday. Whether you own your own boat, want to try your hand at sailing for the first time or just fancy something different this year, the time to start deciding, organising and booking is upon ...

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What’s In A Name?

A boat by any other name may float the same, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Craig Barnett investigates the fickle dilemmas involved in naming your boat . . . As the owner of a production boat, one of the few chances you have to really express your personality is in the naming of your craft. But ...

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Atlantis Marine

Stuart Field heads for Guernsey to talk to a small independent boat builder about life, loves and boating . . . This month’s profile is not so much about a marine business as the man behind it. Patrick Wheeler is one of an elite band of niche boat builders who construct boats designed specifically to cope with extreme local conditions. ...

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The Helmsman – A View From My Window

Our lounge window has a wide-angle view from Portland Bill to St Mary Church in Torquay and a zoomed-in view over Lyme Regis Harbour and slipway. In our long occupancy, the number of boats using these waters has certainly tripled and the percentage of good drivers has probably lessened by the same amount. And yet, driving a powerboat well is ...

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About A Buoy

With the new season now well underway, isn’t it time you brushed up on those vital markers. Jon Mendez talks about must-know buoyage. Why do we have buoyage? It’s probably easiest to think of it as a system of floating road signs. But unlike a road, which is obviously a visible channel with a prescribed direction, we tend to need ...

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An Idyllic Isle


You need only spend a few days exploring the coast, waterways or lakes of Ireland to realise that this is a unique place to experience the utter joys of unrestricted boating. Boating facilities in England are becoming ever more congested and expensive with huge numbers of craft vying for space at popular venues and owners fighting for berths at oversubscribed ...

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Going Foreign


Here’s David Greenwood’s guide to what you need to take with you. We’re all part of the EU these days, so you’d think that a trip across the Channel or the North Sea would be bureaucracy free, but the truth is that if you’re planning on taking your boat abroad you’ll need to have the right documentation – even though ...

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