Special Features

Moorings – The Cheaper Option


There are money saving alternatives to a marina berth, but less money doesn’t necessarily equal less work. David Greenwood finds out more. These days many of us are looking to reduce boating costs and cheaper moorings may be the answer. The difference in price between a mooring and a marina can be tenfold, and it has to be said, even ...

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Cruise By Kayak


David Greenwood explains how a last minute change of plan led to a fantastic summer holiday spent aboard a kayak in France. Non-boating people think of boating as a carefree pastime. More experienced, hard bitten boaters, however, also think of the anxiety associated with it – the weather, the tide, and accuracy of navigation. Shouldn’t that buoy have appeared by ...

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Dinghy World


In the last part of his series on hull materials, David Webber considers the merits of timber dinghies. Traditionally, timber is a material well suited to boats such as dinghies. In fact, many of the old clinker style versions are still in existence and used daily. You sometimes see them on the used market, shining out from the ocean of ...

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Weather Or Not


Weather is a huge subject but, from a boater’s point of view, there are really only a couple of questions – can we go out and can we get back. Jon Mendez makes it simple. How we come to the decisions regarding what we can and can’t do with our boats is really based on the weather forecasts in the ...

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