Good green reason to sail for Portugal


Vinho Verde is a delicious, some say unique, wine with a lovely aroma and slight pétillance that makes it distinctive and highly regarded, especially for summer drinking. Medium in alcohol, it’s excellent with food. This delightful wine from Portugal is not often on the radar away from its home base in the Minho region to the north of Porto, even ...

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Ten years of Team 15


Much has changed since 2001 when Bob the Builder topped the charts. Tony Blair was Prime Minister and our economy was booming. It’s true of the windsurfing world too, which has also seen some radical developments over the last ten years. Boards have got fatter and lighter, masts have got thinner and the Team15 programme has grown to a point ...

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New young blood for our sport


Max Coleman is a nine year old boy from Whiteley, Southampton, who attends Whiteley Primary School. He has many hobbies including body boarding, he is a brown belt in Karate as well as being a Cub Scout, and if all that wasn’t enough he is now following in my footsteps and embarking in his debut year as a powerboat racer ...

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Check, clean, dry and relax


By Helen Waterhouse – Development officer, The Green Blue This spring seems to have been warmer and sunnier than I can remember. With just the sniff of a sunny day, we seem to be taking to our boats in the masses and looking forward to the long sailing season ahead of us. Perhaps you are busy planning some summer jaunts ...

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Yachtsman saved from harbour nightmare


THE volunteer crew of Workington’s all-weather lifeboat had an early call on 16 December to help a yachtsman in severe difficulties outside Whitehaven harbour. The yachtsman had been attempting to enter the harbour to shelter from strong winds. After taking on a lot of water, he alerted the coastguard, who requested the launch of Workington RNLI at 5.30am.

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Don’t be fooled… it really is English

English Whiskey

I KNOW it’s January, not April 1, but English whisky exists. It has been maturing in oak barrels since 2006 and since 2010 the first sales of legitimate English three-year-old whisky are happening. And why not? There is Welsh, French, Irish, Scottish, so no reason not to have ‘English’. Well done the English Whisky Co of St George’s Distillery, Roudham, ...

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It’s all in a catch phrase

The Green Blue

FOR the first time we took the action of our annual conference north of the border to Glasgow. More than 80 representatives of marine businesses and sailing clubs, from across the country came together to hear how they could play a part in the sustainable development of the sector both in Scotland and across the UK. Running a conference is ...

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What’s it all about? RYA Youth RIB Championships


The Honda RYA Youth RIB Championship is about kids making powerboats go as fast as they can. Right? NOT true says Andrew Norton, RYA Motor Cruising Projects Manager, who is leading a renewed campaign to get even more sailing clubs involved in this nationwide scheme promoting safe boat handling for youngsters. The championship, sponsored by Honda and Ribcraft, is an ...

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If you can beat them – join them

Shelly Jory-Leigh

NAOMI Williams, wife of world class powerboat racer Gareth Williams, has taken him on at his own game. Fed up with looking at Gareth’s trophies, Naomi has surpassed her husband’s achievements by winning the Thundercat European championship and setting the national and world 750s speed record. Now it’s his turn to admire her trophies! Thundercats are fast, nippy four meter ...

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