The 2013 Venture Cup Prologue

power column

Having promised so much, the Venture Cup Prologue powerboat race had a lot to live up to. It was billed as not only the World’s longest powerboat race, but also the toughest and most prestigious. Time to leave the hype at the dock and let the race teams battle with the seas, and one another. The build-up began in the ...

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Small beers go large

in the drink

The latest low-strength ‘small’ beers are tapping into a health- and driving-conscious market of men and women and becoming a regular choice, thanks to their lower alcohol strength. With major and boutique breweries piling in to join the party and supermarkets offering a large choice of lagers and beers at 2.8 per cent or less on dedicated shelves, sales are ...

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Things To Know When Cruising In Europe

Requirements vary from country to country, so research your destination!

As the weather (finally!) looks like it might be perking up, the temptation to jump on your boat and cruise over to Europe for a few days is never far away. But would you know the latest laws, regulations and legislation – local and otherwise – applicable to where you wanted to go? If you are cruising the waters of ...

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A to Z of better eco boating


By: Jane Swan, The Green Blue Did you know that it takes it takes about 1,000 litres of water to produce 1 litre of milk? Just one of the key facts on the UNEP World Environment Day (which took place on  5 June) website. This year’s theme is Think.Eat.Save. – an anti food waste campaign that encourages you to reduce ...

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ThunderCats start the season – but not as we know it!


2013 is going to be the year of the ‘Cat’ – reference not to a Chinese calendar, nor to a cartoon spin off, but to a four metre inflatable catamaran racing boat that has swept the globe. Its lightweight tunnel hull and 50hp Tohatsu outboard propels pilot and co-pilot to speeds of up to 65mph and 20ft in the air. ...

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Any time is cider time

Boutique breweries get crafty. . .

It’s even a real alternative for a gourmet dinner or a sunny on board buffet – especially now the sun has finally arrived Given its farm-based heritage, it’s easy to believe cider was born to go with food, worthy of far more than just the ploughman’s lunch. Earlier this year, a cider-versus-wine-for-dinner challenge was held at the Thatchers Arms near ...

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Weather Watching

Small at Sea

Is today a good day to go out on the water? Before you head out on the water it’s a good idea to check what the weather has in store. Will it be wet? Will the sun be shining? Or can you expect a snow flurry? A good place to find out what’s in store is from the Shipping Forecast.  ...

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We meet the people of the RYA


Deborah Cornick – Editor, RYA Magazine “I’ve worked at the RYA for 12 years and I’m responsible for the delivery of the RYA’s quarterly magazine sharing all the latest news and information from across the RYA. “I work with everyone across the company promoting the work of the RYA, publishing what’s new and sharing advice and information with our readers. ...

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Cleaner Quieter Propulsion

Green Blue

By: Jane Swan, The Green Blue Hybrid propulsion for boats has been around for a surprisingly long time, with Royal Thames Yacht Club member Jack Delmar-Morgan, an early pioneer in electrical engineering and the automotive retail business, creating a truly unique yacht back in 1912. ‘Mansura’ was designed to run selectively under petrol, electric or sail power alone, or under ...

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Monte Carlo or Bust

Monte Carlo or Bust

Bust, I am sorry to say… but not for long! Originally the Venture Cup was a massive endurance race, re-creating history from 1972, which was planned to run this June and most of my powerboat fraternity were attempting to prepare for this huge event.   First we were racing from Cowes to Monte Carlo; then it changed to London to ...

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