The YB3i Tracker is a tracking device designed for permanent use aboard

The YB3i Tracker is a tracking device designed for permanent use aboard

In an age where we want to be able to share our news and photos with our loved ones and fellow boating friends as we experience new places, being able to quickly let them know where we are is becoming more important to many of us.

You may not have the time (or you may just forget) to send updates back home, so whether you are cruising local waters or making a more ambitious voyage on your next holiday, a tracking device features a mapping interface so that friends and family can view your current track data via an online map.
You don’t need to do anything when on board. Simply select how often you want the tracker to record your position – so you can spend time enjoying what you love most.

Share the link
You can give people the link to your tracking map/blog, or alternatively it can be embedded into an existing website so only those who you choose to see where you are have access to the page.
A tracker can send lots of informative data to your friends and family, such as the distance you travelled during the last 24 hours and how far you have left to travel before you reach your destination.

Fleet Tracking
Are you going for a cruise in company? Your entire fleet could have a tracking device on board and the marina you are visiting can easily keep a track of where you are. You can also view your historic track data so that you can re-trace your route when you return home.

If you have some downtime during your holiday and want to share more with those back home, some tracking devices give the option to send short messages by email and SMS. You can also create short diary entries on a dedicated web page for your boat, so your followers really feel like they are part of your adventure.

What type is best for me?
There are different types of tracking and communication devices available for boat owners. There are fixed for a permanent installation or a handheld device for you to take on board when you choose to use it.

Just like a mobile phone on land, some fixed trackers also give the option to use GSM networks so you don’t need to use satellite and can simply use terrestrial networks when in range. This can be an especially useful feature when coastal cruising in the UK.

If you choose a handheld portable version, you could even take it back on land with you, so if you are going for a long cycle or ramble whilst off the boat you can track this too.
With a tracking and communications device you really can share your whole experience with everyone back home.

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