Bootcamp at Shape Up Studio in action

Your boat may be ready for the new season but is your body? Senior fitness expert and Bootcamp manager Kenna Hockley from Shape Up Studios in Lymington talks about the benefits of a bootcamp.

I imagine by now you have either prepared your boat or certainly you will have a plan in place about preparing your boat for the season ahead. Getting it in the best shape means more time on the water to help reach your performance goals for 2015. Have you thought about your fitness, though, and incorporating this into your overall campaign for the year?

Whether you are looking to win a national or world championship or simply take part in your club racing or cruising events, fitness and nutrition can mean the difference between a good day on the water and a bad one.

A bootcamp is a concentrated range of activities across the board including the use of Power Plates, HIIT circuits, Spin studio and the great outdoors. Bootcamps are designed to take you out of your comfort zone and help you challenge yourself both physically and mentally.

A bootcamp is an efficient, targeted way of making a change by kick starting or further progressing your fitness levels to help you reach a certain strength, agility and/or weight in order to compete at your peak.

The bootcamp you choose should be tailor-made to accommodate your individual requirements. Pre-camp consultations and preparation ensure that in addition to existing levels of fitness being considered, personalities, goals, likes and dislikes and any anxieties and fears are taken into account during the meticulous planning of the activity schedule.

Look for sport specific bootcamps as these provide fitness training and also the nutritional element, making sure you have the right fuel inside you prior, during and after the event, to be strong enough to perform at your best. Why not get a group from your sailing club and sign up together; it all adds to the competitive edge.

Bootcamps at Shape Up Studios are located in the scenic coastal town of Lymington, Hampshire on the edge of the New Forest National Park. They allow participants to enjoy outdoor fitness activities and the bootcamp team utilise this stunning natural environment that is right on our doorstep.

Are you tempted? Here is a checklist to help you choose the right bootcamp. • Make sure it is a bootcamp and not a health spa retreat. • Do they offer sports specific bootcamps? • Is there a pre-consultation about your requirements? • In addition to the training do they provide ongoing fitness and nutritional advice? • Is there a planned programme and help with how to continue once the bootcamp has finished? • Are the trainers experienced and knowledgeable? • Does it look like it is designed to push the boundaries but also be fun?

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