The Cool-Ice CI icebox models from Dometic are available with a range of optional extra accessories. These non-powered iceboxes from Dometic‘s heavy-duty series range in size from the 43-litre capacity Cool-Ice CI 42 up to the 111-litre Cool-Ice CI 110. They feature thick, refrigeration-grade foam insulation and a labyrinth sealing design to help keep ice frozen for up to 10 days. The practical accessories include seat cushions, rod holders and bottle openers. The iceboxes come with strong ergonomic handles, and the CI 85W features wheels in addition to a pull-out handle. The smaller models in the series, the Cool-Ice WCI 13 (13 l), Cool-Ice WCI 22 (22 l) and Cool-Ice WCI 33 (33 l), are still available in the original design with a shoulder strap.

Prices start at £69