EPIRB Survival Kits 

Here are two Survival Kits from ACR Electronics, which include the essential products needed to quickly abandon ship and alert the rescue authorities of an emergency. They include an ACR Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon or Personal Locator Beacon operating on the 406 MHz frequency. The kits also contain a variety of other devices, including distress lights and a whistle, to help rescuers. Mikele D’Arcangelo, Marketing Director for ACR Electronics, said: “Our customers can put their trust in the ACR Survival Kits when time is short and no help is in sight. When considering the safety of your family and crew, we want to emphasize the importance of investment in premium equipment, particularly a properly-registered 406 MHz beacon developed to save lives.”

EPIRB Survival Kit with GlobalFix Pro:  €500

EPIRB Survival Kit with GlobalFix V4: €729