Honda Mid-Range Marine Outboards Re-Engineered

Honda has re-engineered its BF40, BF50, BF80 and BF100 marine outboards making them more efficient, durable and easy to maintain.

Making their UK debut at the Southampton International Boat Show, these new mid-range engines are set to reinforce Honda’s reputation for producing quality and reliable outboards designed to meet its customer’s high expectations.

Available to purchase now from an authorised Honda marine dealer, prices at launch remain the same as the outgoing engines with recommended retail prices starting at £5,305 for the BF40, £6,205 for the BF50, £9,355 for the BF80 and £9,655 for the BF100 (all include VAT). They all benefit from Honda’s six year domestic and two year commercial warranty, plus, with Honda’s commitment to safety, customers will be offered a free RYA Level 2 powerboat training course.

So What’s New?

With an upgraded ECU these new outboards have the latest in Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology. This ensures that fuel is delivered to the engine in a highly efficient and precisely measured manner, guaranteeing that the engine will run smoother at peak performance while also burning less fuel.


To combat corrosion and extend the life and reliability of the outboard, the water jacket and anode metal cover have been coated with Alumite treatment, while all the bolts in the engine have been treated with Honda’s very own improved corrosion coating material.

Easy to Maintain

Honda wants to make owning and running one of their outboards as trouble free as possible and so they have added and redesigned several new features to make them easier to maintain. Subtle but important changes include wider hood clips on all four outboards and the rib shape altered to give easier access to the engine, plus the water jacket design has also been updated so that it doesn’t have to be removed to get to the anodes. The thermostat cover on the BF80 and BF100 has also been moved from a sideways to an upward position to allow easy access.

In addition, the new BF40 and BF50 now benefit from a new freshwater water flushing hose to ensure engine preservation between major scheduled flushing and maintenance periods. This is ideal for vessels that live in water. No need for engine muffs and no need to start the engine, just connect the garden hose to the engine flush point, turn on the tap and away it goes.


All this new and updated technology is neatly housed under a re-designed hood. Moving away from the traditional ‘wing’ appearance, these four engines now feature a new strong and athletic ‘crouching’ look which unifies the design of Honda’s small and medium sized outboards across the range.

Packed Full of Technology

Honda’s revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) technology boosts engine torque at low RPM under rapid acceleration. BLAST™ traces the air/fuel ratio that results in the maximum torque for each engine revolution, while simultaneously tracing the maximum knock limit ignition timing that can be obtained using a rich air/fuel ratio in the full throttle zone and advances the ignition timing to the limit, in order to produce greater torque. This boost in horsepower and torque at low rpm contributes to strong hole shot performance to get the hull up on plane quickly.

Developed for Honda’s high-performance sportscars, VTEC™ varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to provide optimum performance both at low and high rpm. Available on the BF100; VTEC™ delivers at low speeds -smooth stable idling with a reduction in fuel consumption, while the increased valve lift at higher speeds broadens the torque curve for more top end power.

Along with Honda’s Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology, the outboards also incorporate lean burn control technology, allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel ratio. An O2 sensor precisely controls the air/fuel mixture during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy and is more commonly referred to as Economy Controlled Motor or ECOmo for short.

Honda is wired for the future; this is why all the new outboards come standard with NMEA2000 connectivity.  Equipment designed to the NMEA2000 standard has the ability to share and display data, including commands and status with other compatible equipment over a single channel.

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BF100/BF80 BF50/40
Type OHC – 4 cylinders
VTEC 16 valves (100)
16 valves (80)
OHC – 3 cylinders
6 valves
Displacement (cc) 1,496 808
Bore x Stroke (mm) 73 x 89.4 70 x 70
Full Throttle RPM Range 5,500 – 6,300 (100)
5,000 – 6,000 (80)
5,500 – 6,000 (50)
5,000 – 6,000 (40)
Rated Power kW (hp) 73.6 (100)
58.8 (80)
36.8 (50)
29.4 (40)
Cooling System Water Cooled
(with Thermostat)
Water Cooled
(with Thermostat)
Fuel Delivery PGM-FI
(Programmed Fuel Injection)
(Programmed Fuel Injection)
Ignition System Electronic PGM-IG Electronic PGM-IG
Starting System Electric starter Electric starter
Gear Ratio 2.33 2.08
Alternator Output (A) 44 22
Battery Charging Capacity (A) 35 17
NMEA 2000 Compliant Compliant
Trolling Control Operating Range 650 rpm – 1,000 rpm 850 rpm – 1,100 rpm
Transom Height (mm) L: 537
X: 664
S: 416
L: 521
Dry Weight (kg) LRTU: 166 (100) 165 (80)
XRTU: 172 (100) 171 (80)
SRTU: 96
LRTU: 98
Engine Trim and Tilt Power Trim & Tilt Power Trim & Tilt
Length (mm) 742 694
Width (mm) 459 390
Height (mm) L: 1,576 / X: 1,703 L: 1,281 / X: 1,387