New Yamaha F80

Yamaha have made their latest-generation F80 even faster and more powerful.

Their engineers have not only re-designed certain components to make this latest F80 even more compact, but at the same time, a significant weight saving has been achieved. This means more power, more speed and even sharper out-of-the-hole acceleration.

These factors contribute to making any boat feel livelier and more responsive, and provide the perfect solution for owners of older 2-stroke engines, who want to enjoy the many irresistible benefits of having the very latest 4-stroke technology on the stern.

The outboard offers ultra-low sound and vibration levels, particularly noticeable at lower operating speeds, thanks to the re-design of both the exhaust system and the rubber engine mounts, an additional intake silencer, a new long-span mounting system and the improved rigidity in the engine unit itself.