OLAS Float-On

From Exposure Lights comes OLAS Float-On, a pocket-sized floating torch which, when immersed in water, will automatically set off its MOB strobe as well as trigger the OLAS App alarm and directional finder screens on an on board mobile device. As a personal torch, the OLAS Float-On is a very effective, bright 120 lumen, pocket-sized, work light and can also be attached to a lifejacket or lifebuoy. Within eight seconds of OLAS Float-On being immersed, the OLAS App sounds a piercing alarm via the mobile device. Its screens switch from standard navigation data to giving clearly readable, visual directions back to the point of the incident. Simultaneously, the torch will have switched itself on, where it will float and strobe once every two seconds for up to 20 hours and is visible from more than three nautical miles away.