Cranchi Endurance 30

Cranchi 30

Think Cranchi – Think Boat Builders since 1870, think tradition of quality, fed by a great family passion. Think Endurance – Think stamina, resilience, durability to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, the ability or strength to continue or last.

This combined you can now see why this model has received the prestigious award winning European Powerboat of the Year 2012. This 4-berth, 300hp sports cruiser never fails to impress – great handling, great performance and a great price.

Russell Hayden, Salterns Brokerage Manager says: “This will be very appealing for anyone looking to make a purchase in today’s market with ‘gold’ standard expectations but at a sensible price.  Having a single engine cuts down on running and servicing costs and fitted with a bow thruster makes this a very easy boat to handle.”

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