Chartering a yacht set to be ‘Plain Sailing’

image011 is a recently launched online market place for hiring yachts in the UK. The site allows users to compare charter boats and locations, and upload sailing qualifications online.

Co-founder, Adi Togs, said: “Booking bareboat or skippered yachts online itself is a big step forwards for the industry, and we’re receiving great feedback so far! However, we want to make the process even more streamlined with the addition of real-time availability for yachts and the ability to book provisions online in advance – features which will be coming soon. Our hope is that becomes the ‘’ of the sailing world!

“We know that many boats are only used for a couple of weeks a year and gives owners the opportunity to make money from other sailors chartering their yachts. It also ensures the boats are maintained through regular use all year round and costs are kept down by not having to pay mooring fees when the boats aren’t in use – it’s practical, logical and makes the boat owners money!”

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