Ellen MacArthur crafts Christmas card for her cancer charity

Dame Ellen MacArthur has put her artistic talents to festive use by designing the Christmas card for her eponymous young people’s cancer charity.

The record-breaking round the world yachtswoman has sketched the simple illustration of an Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust yacht heeling beneath the stars, under the words ‘All is calm all is bright’.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust supports young people aged 8 – 24 to rebuild their confidence after cancer. When treatment ends the Trust’s work begins as for many young people just picking up where they left off before their diagnosis isn’t possible.

Ellen said: “The card captures the positive sense of hope young people feel through their involvement with the Trust. After the devastation of cancer, they are sailing towards calm and bright futures.”

Young people in recovery are empowered – physically, mentally and emotionally – on Trust trips as they make friends with others who have been through the same thing, rediscover their independence and learn new skills. This all helps rebuild their confidence for them to re-engage with education, employment and socially.

Every day at least 11 children and young people are told they have cancer. Thankfully survival rates are increasing, but for every young person the Trust currently works with in recovery there are nine it can’t. Yet.

To support young people in rebuilding their lives after cancer this Christmas, visit www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org