HMS Ocean Arrives in Gibraltar to load on stores before deploying to the Caribbean

Image: Crown Copyright 2017

Gibraltar Naval Base was a hive of activity today as HMS Ocean pulled alongside to prepare herself to provide hurricane aid to British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.

The Royal Navy’s flagship was operating in the Mediterranean Sea as Flagship for the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 when hurricane Irma struck, causing untold damage to Islands in the Caribbean. Ocean, or the Mighty O as she is known, was re-tasked to head out to the area to join RFA ship Mounts Bay which has been in the region since July. Ocean will provide humanitarian relief and help the islands affected by carrying out repairs to the infrastructure.

During her time alongside in Gibraltar Ocean will load over 200 pallets of aid which includes items such as timber, buckets, potable water, bedding, clothing as well as food and milk for babies which is in short supply.

In addition approximately 350 extra personnel will be joining the ship for transit out to the Caribbean.