ISAF team racing world championships


Considerable interest has been growing for this specialised ISAF event, that enjoys its own set of sailing rules, making the interplay between teams most competitive and fascinating. Traditionally these fleets have been competing with the Firefly dinghy, although any fleet of dinghy could be used. However, the two person, one design Firefly dinghy has proved to be ideal for this type of sailing, as it is highly maneuverable and able to tack and gybe easily.

Rondar Raceboats are key sponsors of the event, supplying a batch of new Fireflies for the event finals. They have been the licenced builder for the class since 1997, regularly producing batches for education authorities, universities and schools, both in the UK, USA and elsewhere.

In the UK, team racing has been developed over many years by the numerous university fleets that specialise in this section of the sport, and has brought many new sailors to the sport.

Interest for the event has been growing from around the world, which will be hosted by Rutland Sailing Club. Rutland is one of the biggest inland lakes in Europe, nine miles long and about two miles wide. This vast stretch of water is ideal to set courses for racing, with no tidal influences. Courses will be set close to the shore to allow quick changeovers and fascinating viewing. The spacious front lawn offers a great viewing area, in addition to the large balcony at the club.

Courses will be set on each day to be interesting and innovative, keeping the teams considering their options and opportunities. Good team racing allows for plenty of attacking and covering on windward and downwind legs of the course, plus tactics rounding each mark.

Dates: 19 – 24 July 19-24 July19-24 July

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