Q Class goes online

Q class

The new Q class website is dedicated to bringing back this mid-size Universal Rule Class in a modernised form by identifying the benefits and exploring the rich history of this class. It aims to rebuild interest and competitive participation.

Nathanael Herreshoff wrote the original Universal Rule in 1903 in an effort to create safer sailing. The New York Yacht Club adopted and adapted the rule to also provide more level racing and, in 1904, established Class Q, followed shortly by others such as the J, M, and R Class yachts.

Yachts designed to the Universal Rule are sleek, with long overhangs and narrow beams. Leading designers would try their hand at developing lines and refining performance. From 1904 until 1937 at least 16 Q yachts were built. In 1930, the similarity between the Q and J Class was very strong.

Racing in the Q Class along with many other classes, essentially ceased after WWII and the boats dispersed with many falling into disrepair. However, interest in these great boats and their unique sailing characteristics was revived in the 1990s and continues to grow.

www.qclassyachts.com intends to nurture the resurgence of these classic yachts by presenting a new rule that emphasises a modernised approach to design and construction while maintaining the look and feel of this style of yacht.


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