Round The Island Race 2015 Checklist


Count down  to the start of the race is underway, Raymarine want to help you to have your best race of the season with these reminders.

  • Sailing instructions and safety booklet should have been received from the ISC, make sure you have read them and have all  the information  and equipment you need.
  • Sign up to the Raymarine weather briefing and pre race weather update emails at or join us at ISC on Friday 26 June at 18.00.
  • Download the latest Lighthouse II R14 software with Raymarine’s new advanced sailing tools to save you valuable time on race day.
  • Share your race day photos.​ If you are using Lighthouse II R14 software Raymarine would love to see photos of it in action! Share them using #Raymarine.
  • Finally find them in the Yacht Haven at Cowes on the Raymarine stand, you never know there may be a Jeroboam bottle of Champagne with your name on it. ​

Most importantly though – have a great race!

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