Round the world sailor launches world record campaign


After 6 years of hard work, Alex Alley has launched his campaign to break the Solo, Non-Stop, Around the World Record for boats less than 40ft.

After learning to sail as a child, Alex had always wanted to race around the world. That goal was achieved when he raced on board Stelmar’in the Global Challenge race. A professional sailor since the age of 19, he has represented his country and covered over 100,000 ocean racing miles. After racing in the Mini fleet for several years, he became involved in the world of Class 40’s—high performance 40ft monohulls. Since that moment he has been looking at how he can race one around the world.

“Trying to find a single major sponsor was proving to be difficult, so I then decided to spread the cost and look for 10 sponsors, sharing the cost of the campaign. Then I just kept breaking the model down and thought—why not have thousands of sponsors, individuals, each putting a small amount in the kitty? My next challenge was coming up with something tangible that would make people interested, and the PixelBoat concept was born.”

The idea is to cover the hull of the Class 40 with literally thousands of 5cm x 5cm squares (over 6000 in fact) and sell them off . People can upload an image or logo that will be printed on the hull of the boat and also go on the team’s website with a link to their own website.

“This gives people some-thing real they can actually see out on the water and feel really involved in the campaign. It took us two days to draw all the squares on to the hull of our Akilaria RC2 and start applying the pixels of those already sold. The result looks much better than I ever thought it would. It’s organic—we don’t know what it will look like once it is covered, I love it.”

The goal of the campaign now is firmly set on breaking the Round the World record for this type of boat. The current record, set in 2013, stands at 137d 20h 1m 57s.


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