Sea trials for foiling keel boat

Daylight appears beneath the prototype Quant23's hull. Image: Michael Aeppli / QuantBoats

Daylight appears beneath the prototype Quant23’s hull. Image: Michael Aeppli / QuantBoats

Dynamic Stability System has unveiled the Quant23 which, after its first preliminary sea trials in Cowes, has proved itself to be one of its first – if not the first – fully foiling keel boat.

Designer Hugh Welbourn has spent more than 10 years developing the patented DSS, which comprises a retractable hydrofoil that is deployed to leeward on a yacht. The foil provides vertical lift to leeward, improving the yacht’s righting moment, an effect similar to having extra crew on the weather rail or a bigger keel bulb, and in turn dramatically increases performance.

However the very latest DSS foils not only provide righting moment, but extra vertical lift beneath the boat too, which, in combination with a T-foil rudder, enables the Quant23 to sail fully airborne.

QuantBoats’ Michael Aeppli said: “With the Quant23 the aim was not to create the world’s fastest foiler, but one of the easiest crafts to fly steadily, providing fun, fast rides, in a wide range of conditions. For us this means that the boat shall do 90% of the work and not the crew – mostly this seems to be the other way round with many of the other foiling boats of today, with complicated systems to manage, understand and maintain all the time.”

The first Quant23 is a prototype to be used for R&D prior to the boat going into full production.

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