Step Up To The Plate

In the week when Arnold_Locker_and_Ian_Robsonone Italian school claimed fish and chips originally came from Venice, one of Whitby’s most successful family-run fishing companies is urging more Yorkshire restaurants to seek out fresh, sustainable fish to serve to their customers, rather than opting for frozen alternatives.

Whitby-based Lockers Fish has undertaken a five year initiative to revolutionise the way it operates from catching to landing and today is the only fishing company able to bring freshly caught, sustainable fish to Yorkshire fish and chip shops.

Despite Whitby once being one of the North’s most important fishing ports, Lockers is now the town’s last remaining fishing company able to catch and transport fresh fish including cod, haddock and halibut from between the Norwegian and Yorkshire Coasts, into Whitby, enabling some of the country’s most prestigious fish restaurants to serve it within hours of being caught.

The company is the main supplier to the Magpie Café -cited by celebrity chef Rick Stein as being the one which ‘opened his eyes to how good a chip shop could be’.

Lockers has taken significant steps to strengthen its commitment to sustainability and efficient fishing. By using highly selective nets and participating in gear trials, Lockers Fish has brought its discard rate down to an unprecedented level of less than one percent as a result of the overhaul to its technology and practices.

 caption: (Left to right) Arnold Locker managing director of Lockers Fish and  Magpie Café owner Ian Robson in front of Our Lass 3.

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