From the sublime to the achievable

The Green Blue - All At Sea‘WANTED: buyer for £110m green yacht’ was the headline in a Sunday Times article.

A hybrid superyacht called Why (Wally Hybrid Yacht) with an array of eco features, 58 metres long by 38 metres wide and with only 100 people in the world fitting the profile of a ‘certain type’ of potential buyer, most likely to be someone who has already been involved in changing the world in other areas.

Fascinating stuff and if the yacht and its eventual buyer play some part in changing boating behaviour then great but in reality we know first-hand that achieving pro environmental behaviour change across a whole boating sector is a little harder to do.

One thing we’ve learned at The Green Blue is that the easiest way to effect change is to make it easy and enjoyable, rule number one.

Sounds simple enough but trying to make recycling, waste disposal and sewage enjoyable is no mean feat. That said, Dan Reading, our Sustainable Facilities Officer, has managed to do just that. How did he do it?

Well, that’s where rule number two comes into play, namely identify benefits that people can really relate to – whether it’s saving money (that’s usually quite a good start and something we’ve been able to help with in bucket loads), reducing energy usage or giving your business a competitive edge.

For individual boaters, the values are just as simple – follow a few key tips, such as recycle on board and carry oil/fuel spill kits and we avoid unnecessary legislation and keep the waters we sail in clean.

Rule number three is just that – ‘The Rule of Three’. With cries of ‘green fatigue’ amongst the general public, barely a day goes by without a new missive coming through the letterbox from Government, energy companies or local councils urging you to go green. So good advice is to keep it short and sweet, and follow The Rule of Three which is simply that people generally remember things in threes!

Rule number four – work closely with partners. Having the backing of both the RYA and BMF makes The Green Blue unique and opens many doors. This is further reinforced by support from The Crown Estate and Scottish Natural Heritage; and credible partnerships with Henri Lloyd, Sailing Networks, Sunsail, Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Parkstone Yacht Club and Dean & Reddyhoff, to name just a few.

And rule number five is make it achievable and our partnership with Jeremy Rogers to build a new greener version of the classic Contessa 32 represents just that. With Calypso exhibiting at the PSP Southampton Boat Show next month, visitors and exhibitors will be able to experience a practical example of sustainability in action. To follow the final touches to her build, visit www.

Seventy times smaller than ‘Why’, ‘Calypso’ is dwarfed. ‘Why’ will be inspirational, exceptional and inimitable. Calypso will be desirable, beautiful and above all attainable.

And without doubt there is a place for both in sustainable boating.

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