It’s all in a catch phrase

The Green BlueFOR the first time we took the action of our annual conference north of the border to Glasgow.

More than 80 representatives of marine businesses and sailing clubs, from across the country came together to hear how they could play a part in the sustainable development of the sector both in Scotland and across the UK.

Running a conference is never easy but the team soon forgot the painful months of hard work as the busy noise of delegates networking filled our ears.

It helped that Glasgow lived up to its reputation for an impressive Celtic welcome. Baillie Morrison from the City Chambers lead the proceedings as we enjoyed a glass of single malt and some grand music from a piper at the informal pre conference dinner.

Tom Cunliffe gave a stirring talk outlining his thoughts about our collective responsibility to ensure a clean environment for future generations.

We had workshops on energy efficiency, creating actions plans and on the economic and environmental development of the sector. There were talks on the new Marine Act and wildlife crime as well as a government perspective from MSP Stuart Mc Millan.

I was hoping that we would end the day with a room full of people who had garnered new knowledge and were ready and inspired to take action.

I think we achieved that but we also got something new – a catch phrase!

The day had begun with an inspirational talk from GTG Chief Executive, David Scott. David not only sponsored the event but simplified the complex talk of sustainability and environmental imperatives in one nifty phrase – ‘Green-Blue- Thinking’.

Now I have been called everything from the eco-reaper to the hippy with the hair but I have never had my own catch phrase.

I could hear delegates talking about the Green-Blue-Thinking they could incorporate into everyday boating lives.

The interest in our work has tripled since the conference. I think we may just have started something. It is certainly going to be a busy 2011!

To find out more about Green-Blue- Thinking visit or call 0844 556 9544 in Scotland or 02380 604100 for UK wide information.

Photo: Andrew Fuller Photography

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