Win a wonderbag for your boat or home

The Wonderbag reduces the amount of time you need to cook on your stove saving you time, fuel and money.


To use, you kick–start the cooking process on the stove, and bring the food to the boil. Simmer for 20–30 minutes, put the lid on and place the pot in the Wonderbag where the Wonderbag’s amazing heat retention abilities will continue to cook the food completely unattended. Provided you don’t open the Wonderbag the temperature of the food inside the pot will stay above 85 percent for four hours and above 65 percent for six hours.

The fuel saving is good for our pockets and the environment, but the time savings and convenience are the real advantage. The 20-30 minute preparation time for a one pot meal that continues to cook while you get on with your journey or tasks ahead, knowing that a nutritious meal is ready when you are.  

The Wonderbag comes with a recipe book and some ‹tips› which include bringing the food to the right ‹serving› consistency while you are simmering. The food will not reduce or thicken while it is in the Wonderbag as all the steam and heat are retained, so use less liquid than you usually do.

Also because the food is not on a direct heat source it won›t burn or dry out so if your plans change and you skip lunch; you can leave the food in the Wonderbag and serve as dinner instead. Left indefinitely it will simply cool slowly. The denser the food, the longer it stays hot.  
The Wonderbag weighs less that 2kg and is filled with squishy foam, washable on a cold setting although a tea towel left inside the Wonderbag to catch any spills from a dirty pot solves this problem much more simply.

The Wonderbag can also be used as a cooler. It will keep a large frozen joint of meat frozen for up to 12 hours and individual ice-creams will stay frozen for over two. The squishy bag fits beautifully around bottles of wine and cans of beer with no ‹clinking› to worry about.  
Available in 21 colourways the Wonderbag is fully reversible to create the choice of two looks with your single bag. However, how you choose between cooking and cooling becomes problematic. Better to have two! From £30-£70 from


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